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The Benevolent Association of Texas is a group of licensed ministers and spouses from the Texas, North Texas, South Texas, and South Central Texas Districts of the United Pentecostal Church International. The association’s goal is to provide financial assistance to a spouse or designated beneficiary upon the death of an active member. This monetary gift is made possible through small membership dues payable upon the notification of the death of an active member.

If you are not already a member, you are invited to be a part of this compassionate ministry involving Brother helping Brother in a time of loss.  Although you may not currently feel the need for membership in this fund, death is an eventual reality for everyone.  Your membership dues will help provide much-needed funds and peace of mind for a loved one following the loss of a minister or their spouse.

You are also encouraged to help grow enrollment by “doing good and sharing” this information with your fellow ministers. Your involvement will ensure the continuation of the Benevolent Association of Texas; and one day you, your spouse, or your family will benefit from the available funds.

Membership Information

  1. Open enrollment is available at the following times:

    • Time of licensing.

    • 30 days following the potential member’s District Conference and General Conference.

    • 30 days following the potential member’s move or transfer into a member district.

  2. Dues are $15 for a licensed minister and $15 for the licensed minister’s spouse if the spouse chooses to join. They are payable upon receipt of a death notification from the Texas District Office.


Benefit Information
At present, the amount being paid to the beneficiary, upon the death of a member, is $6,000.

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