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I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Matthew 25:36

60,000+ men and women are incarcerated in the 35 prisons in the Texas District UPCI. 25 of the 35 prisons urgently need a UPCI ministry. If you are interested or know someone in your church who wants to be a part of the Revival in the Prison, please contact me at 936-348-2867 or

To those of you who are already having services in the Prison Unit(s), we express our deep gratitude. So that we may update our information, please send us the unit name where you are having service, your name, email address, and telephone number. We would also welcome a report of the number who have been baptized and have received the Holy Ghost since January 2016. Thank you for looking past the offender’s hardened, defensive façade and seeing the anguish of the incarcerated soul that God can redeem.

God’s Spirit transforms the desolate prison cell into a sanctuary of His peace. Through the power of the Holy Ghost, their spirit is set free to soar through the cold steel bars, past the razor wire into the very Throne Room of God. Now that’s true Freedom!

For information about Christian Prisoner Fellowship and Texas Department of Corrections Volunteer training:


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